The Complete Progressive Agenda

It is imperative for liberals in the 2020 election to:

  1. Retain control of the House of Representatives
  2. Take control of the Senate
  3. Take control of the White House
  4. Take control of as many state legislatures and governorships as possible.
    If this does not happen, America’s future is in serious jeopardy.
    If this does happen, great progress can be made in correcting the massive damage done by the current administration and before by earlier conservative administrations.
    To insure the ascension of liberal supremacy in government, it is positively ill-advised for democrats in this political environment to proceed with impeachment for the simple reason that the republican controlled senate would exonerate the President, his poll numbers would jump, and he would likely be reelected. It would be the greatest victory of his presidency. The logic of this is irrefutable. Listed below are a few of the egregious transgressions of this and previous administrations.
  5. The huge tax cut, transferring enormous amounts of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy, both individuals and corporations, thereby greatly increasing wealth inequality and swelling the national debt, under the claim that such tax cuts are healthy for the economy, a claim always put forth by conservatives that never holds true over the long term, and is their rationale for a giveaway to their wealthy donors.
  6. The appointment of a secretary of education who does not believe in public education and wants to privatize it, whatever that means. This appointment was payback for huge donations from the appointee to the president’s campaign.
  7. The President’s removal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, just to please his ignorant and uninformed supporters.
  8. School voucher programs, which offer low income families financial aid to send their children to private schools. The problem with this approach is that it skirts the real problem of public education funding, which is grossly inadequate. We have no problem with helping low income families, but if the government’s priority were correctly put on public education, as it should be, and all public schools be more than adequately funded, parents would not have to resort to private education. Every parent has the right to send their children to private schools, if they are willing to pay for it. The fault is not with the parents, it is with the government’s misplaced priorities.
  9. Pulling our troops out of Syria without any sit down with our allies. As Elizabeth Warren said in a recent interview, who agrees we should end our stupid wars, that we should not conduct foreign policy on twitter, but that any decision so consequential should involve serious consultation with our allies.
  10. Lifting sanctions on Russia, which were put in place specifically to punish Russia for manipulating our elections, and remarkably some very hawkish republicans voted to lift the sanctions, and for one reason only, they are afraid to oppose the president, because his voting base is their voting base. The issue with Russia will be covered more completely in a separate article.
  11. Dismantling the Consumer Protection Agency, which was created to protect consumers from rampant malpractice by companies and corporations.
  12. The appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices who voted to gut the voting rights act which has led to a proliferation of voter suppression; and voted to uphold citizens united, which exploded money in politics. Of the many mistakes of the founding fathers (separate paper to come) was their philosophy of the Supreme Court, e.g. lifetime appointments, and the near impossibility of removal of a justice, and the assumption that justices would be totally politically impartial.
  13. The weakening of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is (was) our greatest enforcement mechanism to safeguard and improve our precious environment.
  14. The repeated attempts to dismantle the Affordable Health Care Act.
    To name a few.
    In 1901 Theodore Roosevelt became president, with the assassination of President William McKinley; and in 1904 was elected president in his own right. He was perhaps our most progressive president, most notably crushing the power of the 19th century robber barons by dismantling the big trusts and also by making conservation a prominent issue. He invented the concept of the national park. Today we have come full circle and are fatally plagued by the modern day ‘robber barons’ of wall street and corrupt government. That is why complete progressivism’s time has come.
    The progressive agenda to transform America
  15. Address wealth and income inequality by raising the top tax rate to 51% for individuals and 50% for corporations, as it was in the 50’s and 60’s, with a tiered structure depending on income and gross profit. Enact a fair and strict inheritance tax on individual wealth that is not biased in favor of the wealthy.
  16. Break up huge financial institutions that are considered too big to fail.
  17. Make tuition free all public colleges and universities throughout America. Eliminate or greatly reduce all student loan debt, and the federal government would have to pay for this.
  18. Make it easy for workers to join unions and bargain collectively.
  19. Create a federally administered single-payer health care program for all.
  20. Institute a publicly-financed, transparent system of campaign financing, and take private money out of political campaigns.
  21. Appoint Supreme Court Justices who have a history of not interjecting political bias into their decisions.
  22. Restore the full protections of the voting rights act, and make voter suppression on any level a federal crime punishable by imprisonment.
  23. Make it legal for a candidate suspecting voter suppression to file a class action law suit against anyone or group or state suspected of voter suppression.
  24. Implement automatic voter registration, make Election Day a national holiday, and outlaw gerrymandering by taking redistricting away from partisan legislators and using apolitical boards to redraw districts as is the procedure in California.
  25. Require police departments to retrain officers in how to properly handle confrontations with suspects carrying or not carrying a weapon, and to only fire when they are directly threatened with a weapon. Officers would object to this, but only this kind of training would eliminate the senseless shooting of suspects who are not openly threatening the officer with a weapon.
  26. Expand and protect the reproductive rights of women, already guaranteed by law, and overturn state laws aimed at limiting those rights.
  27. Make pay equity for equal work mandated by law.
  28. A complete ban on all assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips, with a mandatory buyback, a required national gun registry, and absolute universal background checks on all gun purchases including gun shows and internet purchases.
  29. Outlaw the practice of lobbying politicians by special interests. Doing so would drive lobbying underground, so there would have to be severe penalties for any politician accepting any form of gift, favor or bribe. This would be very difficult to prove, but if the penalties were severe enough, it would deter most violations. Instituting public financing of elections and term limits would dramatically reduce the abuse, but in any case all lobbying of elected officials must be against the law.
  30. Start to pay down the national debt, very slowly, but with payments monthly mandated by law. Make it illegal for the president or congress to shut the government down. The abuse of this option usually for political bargaining is too damaging to the public, and is not necessary.
  31. Make it illegal for corporations to offshore profits to avoid paying corporate taxes.
  32. Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, and require it to be periodically adjusted for inflation.
  33. Protect and expand Social Security.
  34. Invest billions in after high school trade schools for students not entering college.
  35. Triple the public education budget, and eliminate vouchers for private schools, which take the onus off the government to generously fund public education.
  36. Double the budget for health and scientific research.
  37. Triple the budget for major infrastructure programs.
  38. Reduce the wasteful and largely misused military budget.
  39. Invest billions in wind and solar energy.
    (All of the above expenditures would be funded by higher taxes on wealth. There is no shortage of wealth in this country.)
  40. Enforce the constitutional requirement that the Commander in Chief get permission from congress to engage the military in conflict. The constitution makes it clear that only congress can declare war.
  41. Create a path to citizenship for migrants brought here by their parents before the age of 16, and stop referring to that as ‘amnesty’. The word amnesty does not apply to anyone who has not broken the law, a distinction that no news commentator seems to understand.
  42. Legally forbid LGBT discrimination at the workplace, in health care, in financial institutions–everywhere.
  43. Eliminate for profit prisons, relax mandatory minimum sentences, and shorten sentences for inmates already convicted and serving time for non-violent offenses.
    Not one of these proposals can ever become law unless liberals own congress, both houses, and the White House. In addition, because states can countermand federal laws, the liberals must control as many state governments as possible. The majority of Americans who are eligible to vote are left leaning, and the demographics of the country are changing more in that direction, but our governments do not reflect this. This has to change for the future of the country and for the future of our children.


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